Pappas Retail Leasing & Management can tailor financial reports to suit your needs and your software preferences. Typically, we use Quickbooks Pro and offer full financial reports in cash or accrual basis accounting that include balance sheet account analysis, profit and loss statements, budgeting, variance reports, tenant billings, and annual expense reconciliation.

Tenant Lease Briefs, detailing the critical points of each tenant’s lease, are prepared for you once we begin managing your commercial property. PRLM will update these easy-to-read briefs throughout the life of the tenant.

Operating budgets can be designed to your specifications. Typically, we include sections on Income, Reimbursable Operating Expenses, Non-reimbursable operating expenses, and Capital Improvements. Income projections are based on current leases, anticipated rent increases, vacancy factors, and projected concessions.

Monthly financial/operating reports can be customized for you. Reports are sent on or before the 10th of each month. The basic list of reports sent is as follows:
        1. Profit and Loss
        2. Profit and Loss YTD
        3. Balance Sheet
        4. Trial Balance
        5. Sales by Customer Detail
        6. Check Detail
        7. Deposit Detail
        8. General Ledger
        9. Bank Statement
        10. Bank Reconciliation
        11. Copies of Invoices Paid
        12. Current Rent RollType your paragraph here.

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